Under a Demon Moon

Welcome to Fremont

A quiet mining town in the Kingdom of Fornax

Life in a Northern Town

Beren, Robin, and Eladria found themselves in Fremont's town square as night fell when the three noticed smoke coming from Mazer Sahmath's curio shop. The three managed to save Sahmath's children and his shop, though Robin surreptitiously helped herself to some of the silverware. They quickly discovered that the fire had been set deliberately, and that an apparently worthless crimson orb was missing from the shop. 

Beren manages to convince Mazer not to lead a lynch mob to the home of the half-orc Gorluch, a business rival that recently moved in to town. After interviewing Gorluch for themselves, the girls learned that Pallas Falorn had come to his shop asking if he had recently come across an orb similar to the one missing from Gorluch's store. 

The girls then visit Pallas at his family's candleworks, where Eladria soon notices an item of magical power is hidden in the room. They discover the missing orb, confirming that Pallas was the one who set the fire. 

A brief fight ensues with Pallas, who attacks the girls with some form of fire magic. The girls defeat Pallas, and Mazer lets them keep the orb for themselves, as he considers it only a worthless bauble and can't fathom why anyone would want it. 

While examining the orb, Eladria blacks out for a few moments. When she comes to, she believes she had experienced a vision, but of what she can't seem to remember. 



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